Green River Gold Corp. Announces Resignation As General Partner and Participation as Limited Partner of Green River Gold Trading Limited Partnership

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Further to its press release dated September 9, 2020, Green River Gold
Corp. (the “Company”) announces that it has resigned as the general partner of Green River Gold
Trading Limited Partnership (the “Partnership”) effective March 5, 2021 (the “Effective Date”).
As of the Effective Date the Company will no longer be responsible for the management of the
Partnership. As such, the Company will no longer be entitled to a management fee for managing the
Partnership nor entitled to any portion of the gross sales revenues of the Partnership. The new
general partner will be a private company of which the directors are certain directors of the
Management of the Company has determined that due to the increased cost, complexity and risk of
acting as general partner, it is more beneficial for the Company to participate in the Partnership only
as a limited partner. The limited partners, in aggregate, receive 99.9% of the net income and
distributable cash of the Partnership.
Prior to its resignation as general partner, the Company incurred expenses on behalf of the
Partnership in the amount of approximately CDN$30,000. In exchange for these costs, the
Partnership has issued limited partnership units to the Company of equal value and as admitted the
Company as the sole limited partnership of the Partnership as of the date hereof.
In addition, the Company has entered into a Licensing Agreement with the Partnership with respect
to the non-exclusive, non-transferable license by the Partnership for use of the name ‘Green River
Gold’ for the term of the Partnership at a license fee of CDN$500 per month.
About Green River Gold Corp.
Green River Gold Corp. acquires and develops placer mining claims and mineral claims. The
Company controls a 100% interest in the flagship Fontaine Gold Project. The 8,900-hectare Fontaine
Gold Project is situated 12 kilometers southwest of Barkerville. The property includes both placer and hard-rock tenures. The properties straddle an 18 km length of the Barkerville and Quesnel
Terranes and are contiguous to Osisko Development Corp.’s proposed mine at its Cariboo Gold
The Company also controls a 100% interest in placer mining projects on the Little Swift River,
Sovereign Creek, Willow River, and Swift River. The Company rents placer claims to placer gold
miners for cash rent, in lieu of a royalty.
Green River Gold Corp. also distributes equipment and supplies for the placer mining industry and
purchases raw placer gold from its facility in the heart of the Cariboo mining district in Quesnel, B.C.
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Green River Gold Corp.
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